Blue Yonder Announces Binding Agreement To Acquire One Network Enterprises for Approximately $839 Million To Create Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Ecosystem

The deal will mark approximately $1 billion of investments in acquisitions since Q4 2023 and positions Blue Yonder to provide a unified end-to-end supply chain platform and collaboration ecosystem

DALLAS and SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – March 29, 2024 – Blue Yonder, a leader in digital supply chain transformations, continues its forward momentum to revolutionize the supply chain and has today announced the signing of an agreement to acquire One Network Enterprises (One Network) for approximately $839 million, subject to adjustments. One Network, provider of the Digital Supply Chain Network™, is known for its autonomous and resilience services and is a leading global provider of intelligent control towers. Upon completion, Blue Yonder will be well positioned to serve customers’ needs across planning, execution, commerce, and networks.  

“Supply chains have become more complex, and as more and more companies reduce risk by diversifying sourcing of products globally, there is an increased demand for the sharing of information and resources across the whole value chain. This, along with increased disruptions and geopolitical risks, have put the pressure on organizations to build more resilient and robust supply chains,” said Duncan Angove, CEO, Blue Yonder. “Combined with One Network’s capabilities, Blue Yonder will establish itself as a leading supply chain solutions company that can offer a unified, end-to-end supply chain ecosystem that is resilient enough to withstand today’s challenges, and synthesized with innovative, future-focused technologies.”

The combination of One Network’s Digital Supply Chain Network™ and Blue Yonder’s supply chain capabilities create an ecosystem that:

  • Offers real-time, multi-enterprise optimization, orchestration and collaboration both inside and outside an organization – across multi-tiers from customers to carriers to suppliers to the suppliers’ suppliers.
  • Allows customers to move from the order planning phase to the fulfillment phase instantly, eliminating the time gap that normally occurs from entering the order to beginning the physical fulfillment. Customers can also tap into a more complete and actionable data set across the multi-enterprise ecosystem by setting up alerts, benefitting from automation, and leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Provides real-time visibility across the supply chain, allowing customers to take immediate action via upstream and downstream collaboration.
  • Unifies disparate data silos, enabling a holistic, executive-level view into the entire supply chain – resulting in the ability to automatically optimize and execute through prescriptive real-time decision-making technology. 

In addition, carriers and suppliers will be able to leverage a range of services designed specifically for their needs, including: advanced shipment scheduling management, telematics tracking and predictive insights, real-time visibility to on-time delivery trends (by site, lane, carrier, distribution center), and the ability to manage by exception.

“Supply chains continue to be fragmented and overwhelmed with disruptions. What’s needed is a unified platform that enables multi-tier orchestration, planning and collaboration that accelerates processes with autonomous and semi-autonomous decision-making and execution across trading partners. This is the next step to creating a resilient and collaborative supply chain,” said Greg Brady, chairman and founder, One Network. “Blue Yonder offers the most complete portfolio in the industry, spanning from planning to execution. Coupled with our network and multi-enterprise, multi-tier platform, we’re poised to form a backbone of this new supply chain of the future.”

By tapping into One Network’s revolutionary platform and multi-party network, leveraged by over 150,000 trading partners, Blue Yonder’s customers will benefit from an ecosystem that:

  • Accelerates end-to-end decision-making, with increased visibility into materials, resources, loads, routes, and capacity.
  • Offers real-time insights and predictions, enabling the ability to take action across the supply chain ecosystem, leading to fewer disruptions and a more resilient supply chain.
  • Shares data seamlessly across the entire multi-tier supply chain, including suppliers and carriers, allowing for streamlined insights into potential disruptions and the ability to mitigate risk.
  • Improves supplier and carrier collaboration processes – from order creation through scheduling and fulfillment – from days to minutes, removing inaccuracies, reducing time, and decreasing cost. 
  • Enables the journey to autonomous supply chain management through Smart Prescriptions™, adaptive flows, and interactive visualizations, powered by proprietary AI technology.

The closing of the transaction is subject to the satisfaction of customary conditions precedent in transactions of this type, including necessary regulatory approvals, and is expected to occur in Q2 or Q3 2024. This deal is indicative of Blue Yonder’s momentum in the supply chain management space, and when completed, will mark approximately $1 billion in M&A investments covering three acquisitions since Q4 2023. This announcement comes on the heels of Blue Yonder’s acquisition of flexis AG, offering factory planning, sequencing and slotting capabilities, and Doddle, offering returns management and reverse logistics solutions. 

About One Network Enterprises

One Network Enterprises (ONE) is a leading global provider of intelligent control towers and the Digital Supply Chain Network™. Its solutions give supply chain managers and executives end-to-end visibility and control with one data model and one truth, from raw material to last-mile delivery. Powered by NEO, One Network’s machine learning and intelligent agent technology, it enables seamless planning and execution, across inbound supply, outbound order fulfillment, and logistics, matching demand with available supply in real-time. Lead your industry by providing the highest service levels and product quality at the lowest possible cost. Visit:  

About Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder is a world leader in digital supply chain transformation. Global retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers leverage Blue Yonder to optimize their supply chains from planning through fulfillment, delivery and returns. Blue Yonder’s AI-embedded, interoperable supply chain solutions are connected end-to-end via a unified platform and data cloud, enabling business to collaborate in real time across functions, which supports more agile decision-making, improved customer satisfaction, profitable growth, and more resilient, sustainable supply chains. Blue Yonder – Fulfill your Potential

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