Business Model

A disruptive business model that puts you first, minimizes investment and risk while maximizing your value


Self Funding. Leveraging One Network’s Industry Networks and Modularity, your first release is up and live in six months or less. Our organization is centered around our customers attaining value. Rapid time to value means the system is self funding versus the traditional ERP model where you bear the entire financial burden. Harness the power of continuous improvement.

Unique Implementation Methodology

Network Effect. Leverage the power of our network and join thousands of business partners. Once a partner is on boarded, you can instantly connect and begin collaborating. Your deployment costs are reduced by joining an already robust, active network.

Modularity. Build your own modules or extend ours. Embrace modularity by leveraging anyone in our ecosystem. Extend your legacy systems. We understand that your business processes are constantly evolving and our adaptive architecture enables you to increase and accelerate your responsiveness to change.

No Vendor Lock In. One Network gives you the freedom to define your path. Integrate to anything – SAP, Oracle, etc. – and unlock your legacy systems. In turn, systematically embrace legacy systems and replace them. Reduce your organizations risk and reduce heavy on-going maintenance costs as you are no longer locked into any one solution provider. Take off the handcuffs that dictated your technology roadmap.


Deployment Support. Unlike the traditional model, we support not only our software but we support your deployment and your unique processes. Our team of industry experts are there every step of the way. We believe that your success is our success.


Reduce your Investment. One Network is dedicated to transforming technology as we know it. Our goal is to deliver more value with a reduced investment. By design, our shared platform lowers your ongoing maintenance costs, as costs are shared across the community of users.

Never-Legacy Support Program. Customer enhancements that are industry standard, are built into the product and maintained going forward. You don’t pay for these enhancements. This translates to systematic continuous improvement versus systematic creation of more custom, legacy systems. With One Network, you won’t stagnate; rather your technology is constantly refreshed and improving, driven by industry leaders.