Outbound Fulfillment



One Network’s Outbound Fulfillment is an end to end solution for order fulfillment in Business to Consumer (B2C) as well as Business to Business (B2B) settings. It provides comprehensive planning and execution capabilities for order allocation to channels, order promising and fulfillment execution.

Key Benefits

Improved Service

for B2B as well as B2C eCommerce Channels


fulfillment costs


asset utilization

Real Time

Order Promising


  • Order Promising – ONE’s intelligent Order Promising agents promise sales orders. The agents search the network in attempt to promise each order from a single site when possible. The sites that are promised from may be limited by promise zones. The agents can respect site preference orders by cost along the site lane or by simple ranking within specified promise zones.
  • Order Allocation – ONE’s intelligent order allocation agents perform a demand-supply match across multiple customers and suppliers in real time. They allocate the available supply to the appropriate customer based on priority, time period and other factors based on configurable business rules. They may operate on individual transactions or on transactions aggregated by customer channel.Order Allocation agents work in conjunction with the other intelligent agents such as those for Replenishment, Order Aggregation and Order Sourcing to satisfy the planning needs for wide array of supply chains.Order allocation agents support Make-to-Stock (MTS), Make-to-Order (MTO) and Configure-to-Order (CTO) allocation.  MTS Allocation is the allocation of customer orders constrained by the minimum of a Quota and Supply capacity.  In addition to the Quota and Supply capacity, the MTS agent will use fair share, freight schedule and other factors.The RTVN Supply Allocation will be performed in two stages: Channel Allocation and Order Allocation:
    • Channel Allocation is outside the order firm period and aggregated for time periods. The agents respect channel level priority for fair-share allocation of supply.  Optionally Chanel Allocation Quota can be shared with the Customer.
    • Order Allocation is inside the firm period and constrained by the “quota” set by the Channel Allocation.
  • Fulfillment Execution – The solution continuously orchestrates execution for you and your trading partners optimizing for demand/supply priority, inventory positions of the demand sites, available and capable to promise supply, logistics capacity, and air and freight schedules.