Master Data Management


Master Data Management That Drives Business Value

Most executives are completely oblivious to the data issues that are eroding the value of their organizations. Fragmented and inconsistent data negatively affects cross-sell/up-sell, delays time to market, creates supply chain inefficiencies and weakens an organization’s overall market penetration. To be effective, organizations need a set of core master data about customers, products, locations, vendors, and suppliers in order to formulate strategies that increase sales, decrease risk, and improve profitability.

Yet today most organizations lack quality data in these areas due to the fact that it is spread across disparate systems and business units, exists in different formats, or cannot be used in a standard way to collaborate and manage exceptions with their supply network trading partners. The bottom line is that today’s organizations don’t know which data records to trust.

  We chose One Network’s cloud platform because it could rapidly scale across our business and trading partners and synchronize multiple technology systems and processes, while helping us identify and execute on cost-saving opportunities.  

- Global Demand Driven Supply Chain Manager, Dana

Our Approach to Master Data Management

At the core of One Network’s platform, and embedded in every solution, is a MDM technology has been designed specifically to address the issues of visibility, reliability, and trust that so many organizations face. More than just a technology platform, MDM with One Network is a combination of technologies and information governance practices designed to confirm the integrity and accuracy of data across the supply network, as well as to provide all trading partners with a “Single Version of the Truth” to better answer important business questions. This enables teams and trading partners to optimize their decision-making in unison.

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