Business Continuity & Risk Management

Increase Supply Chain Resiliency and Mitigate Risk with a Multi-Party, Real-Time Network Platform

Reduce and Manage Risk While Ensuring Business Continuity

One Network's NEO Platform with intelligent agent technology ensures your supply chain is optimized today and prepared for tomorrow.

With globalization and outsourcing, supply chains have become longer and more complex than ever before. But as recent events like the coronavirus, trade disputes, and Brexit have shown, global supply chains are vulnerable to many forms of disruption. It is more urgent than ever that companies ensure that their supply chains are adaptable and resilient to domestic and global sources of risk.

  We knew we needed to find a way to deliver more value to our customers and trading partners while reducing inventory and operations costs. We’ve chosen One Network because of its unique and highly innovative technology.  

- Global Director, Materials & Logistics, Dana

The NEO Platform: Early Threat Detection and Proactive Resolution

One Network's NEO Platform helps companies connect to all their trading partners in real-time, achieve end-to-end visibility, and control. NEO, One Network's machine learning and autonomous agent technology, scans your network for potential issues, identify threats, and alerts managers or resolves them autonomously. Powerful workbenches powered by NEO, enable managers to review problems, their causes and NEO's recommended solutions. They can accept and execute recommendations with a click, or configure their own resolution. Problems and threats are identified sooner and resolved faster, so you avoid costly problems and supply chain disruptions.

The Business Continuity and Risk Management service allows you to measure, monitor, and mitigate supply chain risk. No matter where the product resides, or where the relevant data lies, the cloud-based NEO Platform gives you more visibility and control. You’ll be better able to respond to supply chain risk and unexpected problems, including pandemics, natural disasters, political upheaval, or sudden demand and supply shocks. For example, the supply chain risk mitigation service will identify alternate sources of supply, monitor global shipments, run spend analysis, measure the value at risk, and plan resources in real time, all on the NEO Platform.

  Now we are more secure in our shipments and we can foresee the consumption pattern of our parts. Most importantly, we can easily catch up if there are any shortages of materials. One Network helps us to take precautions in advance for smooth supply chain flow.  

- One Network Customer (Supplier)

Business Continuity and Risk Management at a Glance

  • Intelligent NEO agents continuously monitor your global supply chain from end-to-end.
  • NEO automatically alerts you to unexpected events and can respond autonomously.
  • Synchronizes enterprise systems across the supply chain, and enables all trading partners to collaborate.
  • Horizontal grid technology means an unlimited number of inventory locations, retail locations, customers, and trading partners can be connected to the network, giving you full visibility and control, even across complex global supply chains.

Resources for Improved Business Continuity and Supply Chain Resilience

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