End-to-end Digital Supply Chain Network™ solutions, from inbound supply to outbound order fulfillment and logistics. Become demand-driven with the real time, customer-centric cloud platform that is enabling autonomous supply chain management.

Join a Rich Ecosystem of Trading Partners on the Digital Supply Chain Network™

One Network’s digital supply chain management solutions are a comprehensive suite of tightly integrated end-to-end capabilities that work together intelligently and run in the cloud, serving tens of thousands of companies worldwide. The Digital Supply Chain Network™ is powered by NEO, One Network's artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, to enable autonomous supply chain management. The network runs on the NEO Platform, and leverages the latest in business technology, including many-to-many networks, AI, machine learning, social networking, big and fast data, and mobile apps. The Digital Supply Chain Network™ is recognized as a leader by industry analysts such as Gartner, Nucleus Research, IDC, ChainLink Research and others, including Forrester in The Forrester Wave™: Collaborative Supply Networks, Q4 2022.

Forrester Wave Leader 2022 for Collaborative Supply Networks
Use Your Supply Chain to Improve Your Financial Performance and Lower COGS

Achieve Bottomline Financial Improvements with the Digital Supply Chain Network™

How can your supply chain drive real financial improvements, reducing the cost of goods sold (COGS), while improving service levels? In today’s outsourced business, your trading partners can now effect real cost savings. Learn how a real-time demand driven trading partner ecosystem, enables you to collaborate with trading partners across planning, scheduling, and execution processes, to significantly lower COGS and boost your financial performance.

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Our supply chain capabilities are unique in the industry. From planning to execution, inbound supply to outbound fulfillment and logistics, our end-to-end capabilities have been developed in-house as a single unified real-time platform with one data model, one user interface, one master data management system, and one global community of suppliers, customers, logistics partners and global brand customers. For this reason, there are no data silos, barriers, or information time lags between any of our planning and execution capabilities – nothing standing in the way of real-time performance and a single version of the truth. One Network is not an amalgamation of disparate systems or acquired technologies patched together over time. Our solutions have been conceived as one network since inception.

Why is this important? Because it enables a level of optimization and responsiveness in our solutions that others simply cannot match. We also view supply chain planning and execution as inherently multi-tier and multi-enterprise, whether it be inventory optimization, demand propagation, inbound supply planning, forecasting, order fulfillment, global demand-supply match or global ATP. This perspective and our ability to provide solutions built around it enable our customers to achieve the highest possible service levels at the lowest possible cost, which is our mission.

  We knew we needed to find a way to deliver more value to our customers and trading partners while reducing inventory and operations costs. We’ve chosen One Network because of its unique and highly innovative technology.  

- Global Director, Materials & Logistics, Dana

One Network is the world’s first real-time decision-making technology for end-to-end supply chains. It enables you and an unlimited number of your trading partners to plan, execute, synchronize, and automate the business processes and events that take place throughout your extended supply chain - from your customers to raw material suppliers, co-manufacturers to logistics providers.

One Network's Digital Supply Chain Network™ drives dramatic improvements in demand, supply, and logistics management by providing a “single version of the truth” across multiple tiers of your supply chain. It is the only technology that manages planning and execution processes based on actual demand and supply conditions. It also embraces your existing enterprise systems, including traditional supply chain management tools, ERP systems, “best of breed” solutions, third-party applications, and other cloud-based systems, through our “tunable system of control.”

Organizations that connect to the Digital Supply Chain Network gain the ability to transact with any organization already on the Network, providing a true many-to-many global business network. Digitize your supply chain, transform your performance, and become customer-driven on the Digital Supply Chain Network.

The Digital Supply Chain™ provides a complete, end-to-end platform for all trading partners.