Wi-Fi Enablement


Wi-Fi Enablement Solutions That Deliver

One Network Enterprises’ Professional Services Organization can help you gain the speed and confidence you need to succeed with an unrivaled portfolio of award-winning wireless network solutions.

As a certified vendor for the Motorola WLAN and AirDefense portfolio, we can offer you the most diverse portfolio of WLAN controllers and access points, with three models of Controllers (RFS4000, RFS6000 and RFS7000) and nine models of Access Points for indoor and outdoor.

One Network also provides AirDefense for WLAN Management and Security and 802.11ABGN standards that allow up to 300Mbs so you can start removing your Ethernet cable.

Backed by Motorola’s vast experience installing WLAN solutions in Manufacturing, Warehousing, Education and Hospitality, our Professional Organization is prepared to support your complete installation cycle from site survey to WLAN design, and implementation to ongoing support and maintenance.

Ask us about our recent installations for a large school district (40+ campuses, ~ 1000 AP7131’s, AirDefense, LanPlanner, multiple Wireless Hops), the Dallas Sheraton (WLAN project,  RSF7000, AP650), and Weir SPM (25+ sites worldwide(NA, SA, Europe and the Middle East) AP5131’s, AP650 managed from Headquarters with RFS6000).