Consulting Partner

Lead customers on their journey to transformative solutions

Consulting for One Network Enterprises - the NEO Platform and Real Time Value Network for digital transformation

As a One Network Consulting Partner, you will leverage industry solutions and migration methodologies

Move beyond the legacy idea of “My Enterprise App for My Enterprise” and think of providing outcomes and supporting services that bring benefits for each party on a trading network hub.

Your Platform for Digital Transformation

This is a phase shift in thinking and solution formation that will change the way IT, consulting, BPO and SI providers deliver services and solutions. New business models demand that IT provide services that enable business driven configuration of trading networks and the types of business collaborations and common goal optimization that move all parties towards common customer centric goals.

To aid consultants and encourage strategic leadership One Network has developed industry based multi party business processes, services and solutions that partners can leverage and fine tune to accelerate change and enable pragmatic large scale IT and business process transformation. Deliver dramatic value quickly, using One Networks agile implementation methodology and strategies, including:

  • Sprint Delivery
  • Value First Delivery
  • Embrace and Replace
  • Legacy IT/ERP to One Network Migration Strategies
  • Industry Business Process Templates

Grow with the Leading Business Network Platform

Grow as you help your customers achieve new success. We provide you with solutions training to allow expert guidance to customers regarding our platform, existing solutions and possibilities. Consulting and BPO partners are already experiencing One Network fueled growth in their core businesses and are leveraging our platform to extend services and provide new services to customers. There has never been a better time to join the network revolution.

Inquire About Becoming a Partner

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