Federated Network


One Network for You and Your Trading Partners

The Real Time Value Network™ is the only true “many-to-many” network designed to optimize entire supply chains from end to end via the cloud. It connects multiple independent organizations and their networks, and where appropriate, can even be deployed in private networks.

The Real Time Value Network’s Community Master Data Repository allows businesses and their trading partners to streamline and standardize data, forming a central data repository that enables consistent, uniform control of data that is shared across the One Network community and other private networks.

Federated Network at a Glance

  We chose One Network’s cloud platform because it could rapidly scale across our business and trading partners and synchronize multiple technology systems and processes, while helping us identify and execute on cost-saving opportunities.  

- Global Demand Driven Supply Chain Manager, Dana

  • Provides a “single version of the truth” for your business and its trading partners
  • Community Master Data Repository streamlines and standardizes data across all modules and all public and private networks
  • Connects an unlimited number of trading partners and their networks
  • Can be deployed as a private network

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