Why One Network?

What makes One Network Different? Answer: Everything.

One Network’s revolutionary approach gives you a better solution in less than half the time, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional solution.

Most solutions today are the result of decisions made decades ago. And, though they may have been moved to the cloud, they are fundamentally enterprise-centric and out of step with today’s connected world. One Network’s technology is radically different. It is built from the ground up on a PaaS framework, supported by an industry-specific common data model to support a true many-to-many model.

Similarly, One Network’s business model turns the traditional model upside down and inside out. It is not designed to sell and install proprietary software requiring endless and expensive upgrades. One Network’s Value First model provides easy access to an open and extensible platform that delivers value immediately, in a low cost, no-risk business model. With One Network your solution is always current, never-legacy, and your customizations are fully supported. Finally, a business model that makes as much sense for you as it does the vendor.

One Network vs Traditional Vendors

Old Supply Chain Technology vs. Multi-Party Networks In the Cloud

We are best known for our work in Supply Chain Management due to years of deploying a distributed transactional model with automated planning/execution algorithms that has brought game-changing operational efficiencies to our clients.

A Disruptive Technology & Business Model

Our cloud platform had grown beyond supply chain to support a surprisingly diverse set of projects across nearly every industry on 5 continents and manages millions of daily transactions. The first question everyone asks us is “How can one platform do so much?”

The answer is that One Network offers a disruptive technology and business model that are unlike what any other vendor in the market offers. We are so much more than software, SaaS, or PaaS.

Our disruptive technology enables us to not only adapt to your unique business problem but that of the overall industry(s) that you reside in. Our disruptive business model enables us to price, deploy, and support our solutions, and your actual use of the system, in a completely different way than it’s ever been done before. Combine the two and you get what we call a “supported capabilities”, and it is this revolutionary approach that gives you a better solution in less than half the time, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional vendors and their solutions.

To understand what a supported capability is, consider a traditional ERP product. The standard ERP approach today is that the vendor will only support the product but not the implementation of that product. You must pay separately for the license, maintenance, consulting, development, and so on. For the average global organization, this will cost tens-of-millions of dollars at a minimum. Any future ERP projects will become increasingly costly as your technology become more obsolete and your organization gets more and more locked in.

In contrast, ONE supports the extensibility, the integration, and the way in which you need to support your required capability, and we do it all for one monthly fee.

We aren’t a software vendor; we’re your business partner, which means we don’t succeed unless you do. It’s a fundamentally different approach to doing business that is truly customer focused, and you can’t get this anywhere else.

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