Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management

Harness the power of business network technology, AI, and optimization for real-time decision-making and autonomous supply chain management

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You already know that having hundreds of siloed, enterprise-centric systems is no way to run a business. You’re hearing the calls for real-time response from your customers loud and clear, and you know your legacy systems can’t cope. You realize that you need better collaboration and visibility across your company and with partners, and that you need greater resilience in the face of disruptions and shifting supply or demand. You also know that huge cost savings are possible.

To get there, things have to change. One Network’s platform makes it possible and our experts are ready to help.

What is Digital Transformation?

A digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to reinvent the way a company does business, to be more productive, agile, and responsive, in order to deliver higher value to customers at lower cost. Few areas of a business can benefit from digitization more than the supply chain. The potential value locked up in slow and inefficient processes, compounded across many trading partners, is huge.

A digital transformation is not just a technology upgrade. It’s an ongoing attitude and a readiness to adapt and respond to an increasingly fast-changing business environment and uncertain future.

Digital transformations are difficult to pull off. You need to keep your core business running and optimized, while executing on digital initiatives that touch all aspects of the company, along with mastering new technologies and skills. One Network is here to help with technology, expert services, and a proven “dual platform strategy” to ensure the success of your digitization projects.

Take a Dual Platform Approach

Installing a business network layer through a multi-enterprise platform makes your digital transformation possible in a clear, systematic way. One Network offers complete end-to-end supply chain functionality for planning and execution -- everything from inbound supplied to outbound order fulfillment and logistics.

With that, begin moving business functionality into the network layer over time. This unlocks enormous value as you eliminate time lags, costs, and inventory buffers. We've seen this time and time again in our customer base.

The key is that you move capabilities into the business network layer in a way that matches your priorities. We call this a “tunable system of control” because you decide. You can take a systematic, phased approach that lowers risk and is self-funding, because you're focusing on the most important areas first. As you go along, you capture benefits and declare project successes every step.

Dual Platform Strategy: Integrating ERP, WMS, TMS, YMS, Legacy Systems into a Digital Supply Chain Network

How to Succeed at Digital Transformation

One Network provides a proven blueprint for digital transformation with network technology that leverages your legacy systems, and empowers you with new technologies like AI-enabled control towers and autonomous agents. It also leverages our existing business network of more than 90,000 companies – giving you an enormous kick-start in your digitization efforts.

One Network helps you move from your current state to a new growth platform and business and operating system – one that's digitized across your supply network. We provide a path that is:


So that your entire organization can come along with you


Because your competition is moving fast and so are your markets

Systematic and achievable

You’ll lose the support of your team if it’s pie-in-the-sky, so it needs to be well-grounded and realistic


Because the days of “big bang” IT projects are long gone. Generate value at each step to maintain momentum

Meshes with your priorities and strategies

So those are met as you digitize, making your team successful

Use your supply chain to create improved financial performance and a competitive advantage.

Achieve Bottomline Financial Improvements with a Demand Driven Supply Network

How can your supply chain drive real financial improvements, reducing the cost of goods sold (COGS), while improving service levels? In today’s outsourced business, your trading partners can now effect real cost savings. Learn how a real-time demand driven trading partner ecosystem, enables you to collaborate with trading partners across planning, scheduling, and execution processes, to significantly lower COGS and boost your financial performance.

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One Network’s NEO Platform Transforms Your Supply Chain

One Network is recognized as a leader by Gartner, IDC and Nucleus Research, and is trusted by over 90,000 companies that operate on the NEO platform. It provides modular, adaptable industry solutions from inbound supply to outbound order fulfillment and logistics to help companies lower costs, improve service levels, and run more efficiently with less waste. One Network’s PaaS solution and developer tools empower you to ensure that every network capability matches your exact business needs.

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