The NEO Platform

A multi-enterprise aPaaS cloud platform for building intelligent business and Digital Supply Chain Network™ solutions

Build, Extend and Sell SaaS Consumer-Driven Business and Supply Chain Applications

The NEO Platform is designed from the ground up to build applications for multi-party network ecosystems. Enabling two or more parties to participate on the same transaction on the same business object instances is one of the keys to optimizing common financial and operational goals on the network and building trust between parties. The NEO Platform supports a variety of multi-tenancy models such as classic multi-tenant as well as network multi-tenant.

Business is always between two or more parties. So why put up with applications for one enterprise at a time that must be cobbled together as an afterthought? One Network’s aPaaS is designed for multi-party network ecosystems from the ground up. NEO Platform development tools enable rapid development of innovative, supportable, SaaS applications for business networks. Shorten your software development lifecycle using our aPaaS. Amplify the value of your services and applications by deploying on a large fast growing business network.

  ONE Platform and Dev Net offer us powerful tools to build solutions fast.  

- Chief Solutions Officer

The NEO Platform Architecture - an aPaaS platform for extensible multienterprise supply chain business network apps

Building Blocks for Developing High Value Digital Supply Chain Network™ Services

NEO Platform: The Intelligent Supply Chain Network Platform

Base Platform Tools

NEO Platform provides an SDK with an IDE built on the Eclipse development tool. Developers using this tool have access to ONE Network’s multi party permissions IP for developing applications that can function securely and take advantage of the ONE’s business network.


Multi-Party Transactions and Multi-Party Data Management

ONE’s multi-party master data services build and maintain a single version of truth across the value chain. Master data is managed across end-to-end lifecycles spanning multiple companies and trading partners and across order management, supply chain, procurement, transportation and finance. This eliminates the need for messy integrations across companies; the data and transactions are maintained as part of a single representation all along.

Multiparty Permissibility Framework - enabling real time supply chain networks

Multi-Party Permissibility

With an award winning U.S. Marine Corps solution and numerous Department of Defense projects, you can be assured that ONE takes security seriously. Our patented multi-party permissions technology gives you precise control over what is shared with between trading partners and what is private. We eliminate latency and eliminate duplication while maintaining full autonomy over how each partner wants to run their business.

Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chains - NEO intelligent agents optimize and automate your supply chain

Agent-Based Computational Framework

The NEO Platform framework is designed to work with decision-making agents we call NEO agents. NEO agents can make incremental decisions on appropriate sub-networks at a time. If desired, NEO agents can autonomously run the business within prescribed limits. They sense events, make optimized decisions and generate transactions in real time across the multi-party, multi-tier network. NEO agents know when to escalate and ask decision makers for help. NEO agents can learn and adapt over time.

The NEO Platform provides building blocks to build your own powerful agents. These include a sub-net builder, a horizontally scaling grid, solver libraries, and pluggable solver frameworks for your own solvers. NEO Agents can and do use any type of algorithms including: LP, MILP, heuristic, statistical, Bayesian inference, dynamic programming, micro-simulations, greedy search, etc.

No Code Supply Chain Apps - design and build multi-enterprise supply chain network apps on the NEO Platform

Powerful Design Tools (Platform Studio)

Leverage powerful design tools to boost productivity. Pluggable architecture based on industry standard Eclipse allows you to create your own design tools as well.

  • Multi-party model studio
  • Workflow studio
  • State Machine studio
  • Permissions studios
  • Page studio
  • Module studio
  • API studio
  • Integration studio
  • Agent studio
Build UIs for Your Supply Chain Network - NEO Platform includes lets you design and build dashboards for your supply chain

Robust UI Frameworks

The NEO Platform provides a robust set of frameworks to help you develop high impact user interfaces rapidly. Available tools and widgets include:

React-Based Framework: Developers can leverage the latest in web technologies when developing on the ONE Platform, including the Flux design pattern, the React framework, mobx, Javascript, HTML5, CSS and more.

Mobile & Responsive UIs: Use ONE’s framework to create UIs which can be run as mobile apps or and other devices. Responsive layouts allow UI pages to gracefully adjust from phones to tablets, through laptops & desktops and up through large television wall displays.

Command & Control Monitoring Dashboards: Users can get near-real-time visibility across all their enterprise data with configurable monitoring dashboards. Convert any operational report into a dashboard chart or KPI through the user interface.

User-Defined Pages: Allow superusers to create simple, intuitive forms using drag-and-drop tools in the User Interface. Avoid the cost and delay of relying on developers to create forms.

Timeline Views: Quickly create time-phased reports using configuration files with minimal development. “Bucketize” data using a Julian Calendar or a Fiscal Calendar, using either fixed or “telescoping” (e.g. 14 days, 4 weeks, 3 months) policies.

User Customization: Many usability affordances, including saved (and shared) favorites, Excel-like configurable grids, configurable dashboards and more.

NEO Platform is Scalable - powerful grid computing powers the NEO Platform and the Real Time Value Network

Horizontally Scalable Transaction Grid Architecture

Increase capacity to meet virtually any demand. One Network’s platform employs a virtual and horizontally scalable architecture to support large complex problem solving and efficient storage and manipulation of huge structured and IoT data sets.

ONE’s Grid Dispatcher architecture breaks large tasks into smaller, independent chunks which can be executed in parallel across many application nodes. This enables unlimited scale, reduces cost, improves responsiveness, and boosts performance.

Connect ONCE! You don't implement software, you join the Real Time Value Network, onboard quickly and get ROI fast

ONE Connect

Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming integrations with our federated network and ONE Connect. You connect once to the network and you can begin business with all other parties on the network.

Customize the NEO Platform - Modify, extend or build new apps for your supply chain network

Multi-Level Customizability

ONE’s layered architecture enables customizability at any level while maintaining backward compatibility through public APIs. Developers can use module-defined fields, enterprise-defined fields, user-defined fields, pluggable workflows and pluggable state machines to realize unlimited flexibility with minimal impact to long-term cost-of-ownership.

Industry Networks on the Real Time Value Network: Automotive, Manufacturing, Food, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Defense and more....

Industry Cores

Industry Cores capture robust models fit to specific industry domains including data models, master data, core business logic, transaction flows, autonomous agents, smart solvers, statistical algorithms, and array of heuristics based algorithms to create advanced applications fit to specific industries.

Developers can extend these core services, build their own cores or add new services to the existing cores. Modules are developed on these core services. Applications are composed of one or more modules.

NEO Platform is open technology aPaaS - so you can quickly extend or build new apps

Open, No Cloud Lock In, No Vendor Lock In

Blend One Network’s powerful multi-party development services with best in class Cloud API’s such as OpenAI, IoT Services, Twillio, and other cloud platforms, to create the next generation of intelligent business applications.

Our aPaaS stack and SaaS applications can be deployed on 3rd party clouds. Deploy on ONE Cloud, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure. ONE Network’s technology allows these cloud instances to be federated into the ONE Network cloud network with active-active fault tolerance, and cross data center fail-overs. This enables 99.99% up-times.

The NEO Platform is built using Open Standards, not proprietary software. No time is required to learn new languages – leverage your skills today. We have extended the Eclipse development environment with our multi party programming technology as well as other design tools such as our workflow and data model designers.

NEO Platform lets you build on industry standards for rapid, secure development

Standards Support

  • Support for auto-generated documentation.
  • Built on industry standard platforms such as Eclipse, Java, HTML5, React.js
  • Supports integration frameworks for EDI, JSON, XML, REST, SOAP, SAP iDocs, custom integration frameworks.

Develop High Value Solutions Fast

Platform for Disruption - disrupt your industry by leveraging the NEO Platform

Innovate faster on One Network's NEO Platform

One Network’s aPaaS is designed for multi-party network ecosystems from the ground up.

Build apps that re-imagine business solutions for network communities and disrupt inefficient incumbent solutions. Develop modules on top of the base platform services, advanced core modules, comprehensive business transactions, multi party workflows, autonomous agents, smart solvers, statistical algorithms, and array of heuristics based algorithms to create advanced applications. Advanced solvers, multi party aware services and algorithms allow you to quickly tailor intelligent applications to optimize complex business processes. You can also extend our SaaS applications to tailor solutions. No other cloud platform provides this type of SaaS application extensibility to 3rd party developers and ISVs.

Increase Productivity - the NEO Platform is modular and adaptable, build more faster and get more ROI


Achieve increasingly higher productivity (2X to 10X) as you build higher up on the stack.
Leverage the shared objects, multi-company workflow templates and transaction backbone to shorten development times. Innovative multi party development tools and on-demand permission controlled many-to-many connectivity simplifies the solution architecture and drastically accelerates application development.

Learn how this speed saved lives in Rwanda…

NEO Platform - adaptable supply chain network platform for supply chain management


Whether you need to only add an app of your own, or you need to make a small modification an existing module, or you need to get deeper build your own core services and modules directly on the platform; One Platform provides open APIs and can be extended easily at any level.

NEO Platform - a customizable aPaaS platform for supply chain networks


With traditional technologies you much choose between rigid COTS enterprise applications or building custom systems on bare bones cloud services, often with proprietary languages, from scratch. With COTS applications, one size fits none and you must make expensive modifications that are even more expensive to maintain and extend – hence negating the presumed benefits of COTS altogether. Custom solutions require expensive development effort and then you are stuck maintaining them at high cost. Our Platform technology enables you to build tailored yet supported solutions. We provide rich services, solvers, optimizers, transactions, rich data models, multi party permissions to enable you to solve complex problems. You get the solution fit advantage of custom solutions with the cost economies of COTS – a true best of both worlds.

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