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Tracking Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Across the Supply Chain

How companies can begin optimizing and reporting on sustainability and ESG goals

Tracking CO2 in a supply chain is an inherently difficult undertaking. To name just a few of the challenges, we must track every contribution to CO2, across all parties, and across raw materials, manufacturing, for parts, assemblies, and finished products, as well as packaging and transportation. And we must do this, while merging and splitting products across the global supply chain.

To do this effectively and economically, a holistic view of the supply chain view is critical. Without this view, companies are mis-incentivized to divest the CO2 emissions-intensive parts of their business. While this improves their metrics, it merely shifts the problem around.

This paper explains, how we can achieve this, and why a digital supply chain network is a natural place to both gather this data as well as perform subsequent analysis and optimization around it.

Download the paper to learn how you can optimize CO2 in your enterprise, and across your supply chain ecosystem.

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